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On this page you will find class offerings divided into four groups:

  • Core Curriculum
  • Private Lessons Offered
  • Electives
  • Saturday Advanced Classes

Core Curriculum

All students taking a private lesson are required to take Core Curriculum. Even if a student excels at singing or playing an instrument, that skill does not necessarily translate into a compelling performance. Fundamentally, the study of music is the study of the art of communication. A student must learn to act and react, to emote with compelling conviction and to move in an appropriate style.

Great working musicians also learn fluency in the language of music: to not just read and play the notes someone else hands them, but also to write – that is to both create and notate music.

Core Curriculum is targeted to build each student’s acumen for:

  • Live and Recorded Performance: In both a solo and a collaborative setting (Stage Coach, Masterclass).
  • Fundamental Musicality/Commercial Music/Rhythmic Training: The art of playing in ensemble and understanding musical form and theory.
  • Philosophical and Historical View of the Arts: How faith conjoins artistic expression, and the moral responsibility of the artist.

Private Lessons

Instruments are studied from both a classical and a commercial application, as well as in a solo and group format.


Many of our most popular and effective classes are electives; students learn to notate, to compose, to write songs, dance, and improvise. Success in the field of the arts consists in being fluent in a wide range of mediums: performance, production, acting, singing, dancing, composing.

Saturday Classes – new, advanced offerings.

Saturday is the go-to day for out-of-town students and meets seven weeks out of the fifteen week Semester. However, this semester offers a whole new docket of advanced classes to the Saturday program.  Students who take core and private lessons on Wednesday or Thursday may join in on these Saturday classes along with the out-of-towners. These courses are by audition and are: Acting for Camera, Protools Recording – Audio 101, Broadway Performance, and Drama Proper.

Unless otherwise marked, classes are available Wednesdays, Thursdays, & Saturdays, per the listed semester schedule.

Core Curriculum

  • 30 to 60 minute Private Lesson (priced per instrument, in addition to the base Core Curriculum tuition)

  • Stage Coach:
    “Truth in Acting” may sound like a misnomer, but is actually fundamental to all situations involving relational interaction and persuasive posture. Stage Coach engages students in meaningful movement, action and reaction, sensory awareness, empathy, interpretation, application of action, body language, and facial expression/masks, in order to hone an effective and fear-free communicator/performer.

  • God and the Arts – Applied: (Weeks 1-6)

    A review and application of the study of God as the only true Creator and how we express our love for Him as sub-creators. Students learn to use Truth, Beauty and Goodness to recognize and navigate the many philosophical and spiritual pitfalls rife in the arts today.

  • Music History and the Evolution of Style:
    (Wednesday Only, Weeks 7-12)
    From the “music of the spheres” to flanging, this class optimizes a student’s ability to both classify and create by broadening and deepening their understanding of music history and its evolution to modern styles.

  • Fundamental Musicality: 1 to 1.5 hours depending upon the level. Applied theory and notation are joined by studies in eurhythmics, solfege, ear-training, and rhythm. (Annie Dupre, Bill Wolaver, Mario DaSilva, James DaSilva and Bill Alexson)

  • Masterclass:

    Practice Performing. Performing is an art in itself, and successfully transferring skill from the practice room onto the performance stage or into the recording studio requires effectuation. Masterclass offers this opportunity before a friendly audience of parents and peers.

  • Violin Technique:

    For Violin Students Only.

  • Commercial Piano – Comping and Improvisation:
    (Wednesday Only)

    For Piano Primaries. Most piano students only learn to read the notes given to them on a page. Commercial Piano equips them to make their own kind of music. It teaches the reading of chord charts as well as comping, improvising, rhythmic grooves and styles. Small group class.

  • Rhythm Section Lab (1 & 2):
    (Wednesday Only)

    For students whose primary instrument is: Guitar, Piano, Bass, or Drums. Piano students by invitation only. (Lab 1 – Younger Students, Lab 2 – Older Students)

Elective Courses

  • Songwriting Lyrics:
    Focuses specifically on the writing of lyrics within the framework of various styles and genres of music.

  • Beginning Finale:
    Bill Wolaver – incorporates both the software study of Finale and in-depth music notation.

  • Percussion as a Secondary Instrument:
    For non-Drum, majors: The study of Percussion Instruments and how they are used in genre specific styles.

  • Rhythm Studies:
    Challenged by the reading and execution of rhythm, of “playing in the pocket”? This class is for you. This class hones the coordination, sight- reading and “feel” of simple and complex rhythms. Especially good for those playing in a band.

  • Piano for non-pianists:
    Group piano class (max 4 students) intended to aid in the study of theory, songwriting and composition.

  • Guitar for non-guitarists:
    Group guitar class (max 4 students) intended to aid in the study of theory, songwriting and composition.

  • Holistic Movement (1 & 2):
    Every performer can benefit from dance training. This class is crafted for the musician who wants to gain skills of coordination, rhythm, flexibility, and communication through movement. A variety of styles will be covered: foundations of ballet, jazz, tap, and musical theater dance. (Class 1 for students ages 6-9, class 2 for students ages 10+)

Private Lessons

  • Violin: Annie Dupre, Gretchen Wolaver, Alex Wolaver
    Assistant: Sarah Merritt

  • Viola: Alex Wolaver

  • Cello: Benjamin Wolaver

  • Mandolin: Gretchen Wolaver

  • Voice: Joshua Carswell

  • Composition: Bill Wolaver

  • Electric Bass: James DaSilva, Mario DaSilva

  • Guitar: (classical, acoustic, electric) Mario DaSilva, James DaSilva

  • Classical Piano: Camille DaSilva, Bill Alexson

  • Commercial Piano: Bill Alexson, Bill Wolaver

  • Improvisation: Mario DaSilva, Bill Alexson

  • Harp: Camille DaSilva

  • Percussion: Scott Dupre, Assistant: Nathan Sangermano

  • Family or Group Ensembles: Robin Wolaver, Bill Wolaver, Gretchen Wolaver, Annie Dupre, Alex Wolaver

Saturday Advanced Classes

  • Drama Proper: (Saturday Only)
    This class advances the techniques introduced in Stage Coach. Participants will be considered as highly eligible for roles in Festival Productions and Touring Shows and will perform a play or musical the week of Spring Woodshed.

  • Broadway Performance: (Saturday Only)
    By Audition Only. Want to hone your “Triple Threat”? This fun class combines Drama, Singing, and Dance, through the use of Broadway scenes and production.

  • Acting For Camera: (Saturday Only)
    A lab for actors and film students. Offers actors and camera operators opportunity to work together in film production. Dramatists learn how to play to the camera for effective performance using techniques specific to acting for camera as opposed to acting for stage. Camera operators learn techniques and terms used in film production along with basic camera operation.

  • Protools Recording – Audio 101: (Saturday Only)
    Want to have a well-rounded knowledge of the science of recording? Learn the industry standard, Protools, along with the gear and
    methods that optimize sound recording.

  • Chamber Symphony: (Saturday Only)
    Fine-tune your musical ability as you learn to perform in a classical ensemble – focusing on the greatest classical repertoire and musical nuance.

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